The time is 1638. The place is the Northeast portion of what will later become the United States of America. This is the territory of Iroquois, Massachuset, Delaware, and several other Native tribes and nations. Their hunting grounds are being invaded by strange, new people and things… Things that don’t belong in the wilderness. Each new person drives a steak deeper in the heart of the Natives’ ability to live off the land and hunt the wildlife. The encroachment of the whiteman in their territory is not going unchecked. The local packs are even starting to make it known that they are here to protect their home. The Wendigo as they’re known among the tribes are starting to run all of the intruders out of their land, both humans and other werewolves. This is a new, exciting, and potentially dangerous time for everyone, both Native and Settler alike. Will you survive or be swept away with the changing tide? Is this the time of the Wendigo or the time for some other group to prosper?

Hunters in the Northeast

Susumu Lior